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Three Questions to Help You Decide What to Do with the Rings After Divorce

It can be an uncomfortable subject – what to do with the physical rings that once symbolized the love shared by two people. But after a divorce, what was once cherished can turn into something that you may not want to have in your house anymore. The decision of what to do with your rings….

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To Zoom or Not to Zoom?

If you had never before heard of it, after the coronavirus forced everyone to stay at home, I’m sure you are now at least a little familiar with the videoconferencing tool called Zoom. It has become one of the most popular ways for companies to continue doing business-as-usual as best they can, and is even….

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10 Things You Should Know About Divorce in Florida

The coronavirus is causing ripple effects throughout the world, and the trickle down of these changes has affected almost everyone on the planet. Inevitably, the consequences are also now hitting home.   Because the coronavirus has forced families across the nation into quarantine, cohabitating couples are spending a significantly longer amount of time with each….

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Tips for Keeping Up with Child Support During COVID-19

The recent job loss report from the ADP is staggering, with private sector employers cutting 20,236,000 in the month of April alone. Between layoffs, furloughs, shutdowns, business closings and investment losses, millions of families are feeling the trickle-down economic pain of the coronavirus pandemic. And for divorced families with children, life have become even more….

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COVID-19 Family Law FAQ’s

During this confusing new normal of living with an ongoing pandemic, navigating the new social restrictions and life changes is difficult for everyone. But for families dealing with co-parenting issues, pending divorces and other family law-related situations, life has become even more complicated. The manner in which courts are handling family law issues is evolving every….

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Coronavirus Concerns Lead to Custody Battle

Recently, NBC news reported on the story of Dr. Theresa Greene, an emergency room physician, and a divorced parent of a four-year-old daughter who splits her time equally between mom and dad. That is however, until the father, Eric Greene, asked for an emergency order demanding sole custody until the pandemic is over, and got….

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US Divorces Rates Expected to Surge Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

As the coronavirus has forced families across the nation into quarantine, cohabitating couples are more up close and personal with each other now more than ever. While being forced to spend so much time together, any little issues the relationship may have had are spotlighted when under the same roof 24/7. And if these conflicts….

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Co-parenting During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a variety of new challenges for families, and parents are finding themselves scrambling to adjust to having the children at home while maintaining work life and home life. However, for divorced parents who are co-parenting their children between two homes, a whole new set of challenges has….

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