The Law Office of Beebe Armstrong, P.A.

Focused in divorce and family law, Beebe Armstrong is a bridge from right now to the future you see for yourself. We’re not interested in the future others see for you.

This isn’t magical thinking. Moving forward is a series of steps. Our legal counsel prepares you with an understanding of those steps and the path ahead. No longer will circumstances control you or, worse, exist beyond your control. Your power is in the law. Claim it.

Florida Bar Board Certified in Marital and Family Law, Abigail Beebe is a specialist. Of nearly 90,000 eligible lawyers, less than one half of one percent hold the distinction and associated legal and litigation expertise.

Trish Armstrong is an experienced and highly regarded marital and family law attorney. Hers is a straightforward yet compassionate style.

The first step is a conversation.

There is no ‘win.’ Executing the process efficiently is the best preparation for whatever next steps you hope to take.